Change of fees for betting and online casinos

17, Jun 2016

The change means that two extra levels will be added at the top of the fee level.
This means that the largest licencees will pay a larger fee. Simultaneously, the licencees with a gross gaming revenue under DKK 100 m will pay a lower fee.

New fee levels for betting and online casinos from July 1st

Gross gaming revenue                               Fee (2016 level)
Under DKK 5.000.000                              DKK 52.400 
DKK 5.000.000 - DKK 10.000.000          DKK 130.900
DKK 10.000.000 - DKK 25.000.000       DKK 235.600 
DKK 25.000.000 - DKK 50.000.000       DKK 471.200
DKK 50.000.000 - DKK 100.000.000     DKK 837.600 
DKK 100.000.000 - DKK 200.000.000   DKK 1.570.500
DKK 200.000.000 - DKK 500.000.000   DKK 2.617.500
DKK 500.000.000 and more                    DKK 4.511.500

Justering i forhold til den nye gebyrtrappe vil ske i forbindelse med reguleringen af det forudbetalte årsgebyr, som finder sted i januar 2017.

Cheaper fees for re-applications for betting and online casinos

From January 1st 2016 there has been a reduction of the re-application fee for licencees of betting and online casinos. Furthermore, it is now possible to apply for a new, revenue-restricted type of licence. 

Fees for re-application for betting and online casino licence: 
Fees as of January 1st 2016 (2016 level)

  • Re-application for game providers, which offer either betting or online casino:
    DKK 104.700 
  • Re-application for game providers, which offer both betting and online casino:
    DKK 130.900 

A licence from the Danish Gamling Authority is prerequisite when re-applying.

New, revenue-restricted licence

This revenue-restricted licence addresses the so-called manager licences and has the following conditions:

  • The licence has a maximum duration of one year
  • The licence is only valid for those bets where the gross gaming revenue does not exceed DKK 5.000.000 and where the percentage of refunds is not more than 20%

The fee is DKK 52.400 (2016 level). This covers the costs of the Danish Gambling Authority in order to manage the application, issue of licence and inspection of the licencee. 
If the application is rejected, the applicant will get a refund of DKK 26.200.