Approval of test-houses

20, May 2019

Wanting to achieve a higher degree of transparency regarding approval and inspection of gaming machine with cash prizes, the Danish Gambling Authority is announcing the document “Approval of test-houses” on the website.

“Approval of test-houses” contains a description of the background of the accreditation of test-houses and the appendixes 1 and 2. Appendix 1 lays out the overall guidelines for the work of the test houses regarding approval of gaming machines with cash prizes, while appendix 2 contains detailed descriptions of test- and approval procedures regarding classical gaming machines with cash prizes.

“Approval of test-houses” will be a dynamic document with ongoing changes due to the technological evolution and changes in regulation. The Danish Gambling Authority emphasises that only the Danish version is legally binding and that the English version holds the status of guidance only.

The document can be found under the menus "Gaming machines" and "Land-based casinos", however, please note that the guideline is currently only available in Danish. 

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