Newsletter 34

03 Mar 2017

The process for renewal of five-year licences

3 March 2017

The purpose of this newsletter is to present an overview of the process for applying for five-year licences to betting and/or online casino.

The newsletter will also cover the situations, where the application is a renewal of a licence issued for less than 5 years.

This newsleteter replaces newsletter numbers 30 and 31.

Time of application

Applying for renewal of licence is possible 6 months before the existing licence expires at the earliest.

If The Danish Gambling Authority shall have time to process the application and issue a new licence to the applicant, submission of the application should happen no later than 3 months before the existing licence expires.

Application form and guidance

Application form 2-06 (“Ansøgning om fornyelse af tilladelse”) has to be filled in. The guidance to the application form can be found at the back of the form and should be consulted before the Danish Gambling Authority is contacted.

Find the application form here.   

Answers to many questions related to the application process is found in the guidance to the application form. See page 12 and forward.

Additionally, The Danish Gambling Authority’s “Guide on betting and online casino” is available on our website to clarify questions that are more general. You can read the guidance here. The mentioned "Guide on betting and online casino" will be translated to English in near future.

Submission of the application to the Danish Gambling Authority

The complete application has to be submitted to the Danish Gambling Authority.

Further information about submission can be found in the guidance under the section called “Generelt om fremsendelse af ansøningsmaterialet”.

After submission of the application

If the submitted application is inadequate, the applicant will be asked to submit the missing information before a stated deadline. If the applicant does not meet the deadline, the application risks not to be processed before the existing licence expires.

Communication during the licence renewal process will happen with employees of The Danish Gambling Authority, who manages applications regarding renewal of licences. Therefore, the applicant should not contact their usual legal or technical contact person regarding questions, which relates to the licence renewal process.