Newsletter 3

08 Dec 2011

Amendments to Newsletter no. 2

In this newsletter of 8 December 2011, you will find information regarding verification of customer identity.

The Danish Gambling Authority announced yesterday that the date when a number of executive orders were to enter into force would be pushed back.

In the announcement it was stated: In the meantime the provision of both online and land based betting as well as the provision of online casino will be regulated with additional terms in the licenses.

We expect to publish the additional terms tomorrow.

We have received a number of queries regarding the paragraph: Licence holders should be aware that the requirement for validation of registered players' identity information must still be applied and that in the period from 1 January to 29 February 2012 they must use an alternative to the digital signature, e.g. passport and driver's licence etc.

In the additional terms we will require that the license holder obtain information concerning their customer's identity i.e. name, address and CPR number. The obtained information needs to be verified by an independent and reliable source.

In addition the information has to be verified through supplementary documentation. NemID can be used in this regard. However, since this might not be an option for some license holders alternative supplementary documentation needs to be obtained. In Guide on betting and online casino p.p. 30 in the section Proof of the customer's identity examples of what constitutes supplementary documentation.

In addition to what is stated in the Guide it should be added that the aforementioned customer information does not necessarily have to be obtained and verified after 1 January 2012. Information previously supplied by the customer can be used. This does also apply to documentation such as passport, bank statements etc. as long as it can be reasonably assumed to still be current. Therefore it is already possible to migrate customers.