Newsletter 25

01 Dec 2015

New legal practice - certification before granting a licence

1 December 2015

When the Danish gambling market opened in January 2012, and applications were processed in the end of 2011, the Danish Gambling Authority were left with a time limited period to handle the actual case handling. At the same time the industry was facing similar challenges, ensuring that their systems were compliant with the certification requirements. The common wish to open the market in January 2012, pressured gambling operators to apply for a licence, if they wanted to be on the market from the beginning.

On that note licences was granted with a time limit of one year. These licences held conditions to be fulfilled in exchange for the five-year licence. The conditions were among others, an extension of the deadline for compliance towards the certification of the gambling system.

This legal practice was extended in respect for applicants that was not yet granted a licence from 1 January 2012.

The Danish Gambling Authority has assessed that the special situation from 2011, is no longer present, why it is time to enforce the legal practice intended in the gambling act and executive orders.

Gambling operators that apply for a licence for online casino, online betting or land based betting after 1 January 2016, has to fulfill the certification requirements for the gambling system before a licence may be granted.