New political agreement on charity lotteries and match-fixing

22, Feb 2022

The parties of the Danish Parliament have entered into an agreement on gambling that relaxes the rules on charity lotteries in voluntary associations. The rules are simplified and the duties on prizes are removed. At the same time, the agreement strengthens the combat against match-fixing and gives the Danish Gambling Authority new supervisory powers.

Press release issued by The Danish Ministry of Taxation 22 february 2022:


"The government, together with all the parties of the Danish Parliament, have just entered into an agreement which, among other things, introduces a completely new set of rules for charity lotteries. The new rules will make it easier and simpler for a voluntary association to run for example a bingo event or a lottery with the purpose of raising funds for the association itself or another good cause.

“The agreement is first and foremost a helping hand to the many voluntary associations in Denmark, who think that bingo and other lotteries are a good way of raising funds for charitable causes. The rules become simpler and the duties on winnings are removed. With the agreement, we do away with a number of outdated rules that were a nuisance to many associations. We open up for several new opportunities and remove cumbersome requirements,” says Minister for Taxation Jeppe Bruus.

In addition to a new model for charity lotteries, the agreement focuses on strengthening the Danish Gambling Authority’s supervision of the gambling industry and combating match-fixing. With the agreement, gambling operators who offer betting are required to report signs or suspicions of match-fixing, among other things.

Moreover, the secretariat for the platform for combating match-fixing will be moved from Anti Doping Denmark to the Danish Gambling Authority. The change will – together with the Player ID, which was decided by a majority of the parties of the Danish Parliament in the autumn 2021, and the introduction of a unique player ID and event ID – strengthen and support the fight against match-fixing.

“Match-fixing is a serious problem because it threatens to destroy the integrity of the sport. We have seen extensive examples of this around Europe – in some cases with criminal organisations. The gambling operators are already making an effort today, but now we are tightening the requirements for them further, so that they become even more active participants in the fight against match-fixing”, says Minister for Taxation Jeppe Bruus.

The agreement also gives the Danish Gambling Authority the authority to e.g., issue orders when they find breaches of the legislation during their supervisions. Before, the Danish Gambling Authority had to involve the police even in the case of minor offences."

Download the political agreement (in Danish only)

Agreement on new rules for charity lotteries and strengthened supervision (Februar 2022)

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