Guide on marketing of bonus offers

14, Jun 2013

The Danish Gambling Authority has published a guide on the marketing of bonus offers by the provision of betting and online casino.

The guide has been made in cooporation with the Danish Consumer Ombudsman. Representatives of the gambling industry (Betfair and Unibet), DOGA and representatives of legal advisers (Horten and Andersen Partners) have been involved in the preparation of the guidelines.

The guide is primarily intended to assist gaming companies, affiliates, advertising agencies, lawyers and other advisers. It sets out how the Danish Gambling Authority will interpret the bonus provisions, and hence which practices the Danich Gambling Authority will regard as being lawful. The guidance will be taken into account in the Danish Gambling Authority's supervision of the gambling operator's compliance with the regulations in the area.

The guide has been translated into English by DOGA and can be found at DOGA's webpage. Please note that it is an unofficial translation.

Edited 20 October 2017
NOTICE - the above mentioned guideline is no longer valid.