Guidance on reporting of games

01, Jul 2015

The Danish Gambling Authority has released a new guidance on reporting of games. This guidance has been made as part of a review of our guidelines regarding technical requirements for offering betting and online casino. The purpose of our review is to make the guidelines more clear and user-friendly.

The central part of this work is making the requirements more clear and to make better descriptions of e.g. how reporting of games should be done. The review will therefore entail few new or changed requirements.
In connection with the release of the new guidance, there is however one significant change. From January 1 2016, it will no longer be possible to report casino games per move and poker cash games per hand. Reporting of these games must be session based from this date.
The initial review of the guidelines regarding technical requirements prompts that some documents are removed from Gambling Licensing and Technical Requirements, where the technical requirements are described.
Today the following documents/zip-files are changed:
Affected document /zip file    Description of change
"Begrebsmodel Standard Records - english - 12mar2012.pdf" (is removed)    Replaced by a new guidance:
"The Danish Gambling Authority's guidance on reporting of games"
"Standard" (is removed)    Some of the documents in this zip-files is moved to a new zip-file named "Reporting of" (see details below) and the rest of the documents are already available in the zip-file "Files required for the connection"
"Instructions for technical requirements v1.1.pdf" (is removed)    The text in this document is partly moved to the new guidance: "The Danish Gambling Authority's guidance on reporting of games" and partly to an uptated version of "Directions for service usage"
"Reporting of"  (new)    This is a new zip-file which compiles information on reporting of games: The zip-file contains the following:
•    The Danish Gambling Authority's guidance on reporting of games
•    XSD scemes
•    XML examples
•    XML validation tool