The Danish Gambling Authority also sends Digital Post

21, Aug 2014

We would like to make our communication with our users as quick and safe as possible. If you have a digital mailbox at  we will use it when we communicate with you in the future. We already use Digital Post when communicating with companies and organisations with a CVR-number.

If you have not already set-up a digital mailbox, you can do it at As of 1 November 2014 it is mandatory for all Danish citizens to have a digital mailbox.

It is important you read your Digital Post

Digital Post has the same legal effect as the paper letters you previously have received. It is therefore essential that you check your digital mailbox.
If you are a citizen you can read more about Digital Post and set-up a digital mailbox at (link is external). If you are representing a company or an organisation, please read more about Digital Post at (link is external).

Your advantages of Digital Post

There are numerous advantages of Digital Post – both for the sender and the receiver

  • When you send an mail via your digital mailbox, you send it securely. This means that there is nobody other than you and the recipient who can open and read your correspondence. Your digital mailbox is connected to your social security number and protected by your NemID.
  • Your digital mailbox will follow you, even if you change your address or change your e-mail.
  • Your post is automatically saved and securely stored in your digital mailbox.
  • You always have your correspondence with the public with you as long as you have your NemID with you.
  • You can access your digital mailbox on any computer.
  • See all your post via e-Boks if you are already subscribed e-Boks.
  • Both you and we save the cost of postage and paper.
  • Faster processing.

Reasons why the Danish Gambling Authority uses Digital Post

  • As a public authority we can only send sensitive personal or confidential information through a secure channel; Digital Post is secure.

  • Together we can save a lot of paper by sending and receiving mail electronically and thus do something good for the environment.

  • We save working hours by managing our workflows electronically.