Guideline to complaints for players

Complaint to your gambling operator

If you wish to complain over a game, you should contact your gambling operator, who is obliged to handle compliants from players. 
The complaint must include information concerning your identity and your reason for the complaint. If this is not included in your complaint, the gambling operator may dismiss your complaint. 
The gambling operator is obliged to handle the complaint as soon as possible. If the gambling operator cannot settle the complaint within 14 days, the gambling operator must inform you of when the complaint is expected to be settled. 

Enquiry to the Danish Gambling Authority 

The Danish Gambling Authority is always happy to receive enquiries from players if a gambling operator does not comply with the Danish Act on Gambling or regulations under the Act. 
Enquiries may cause the Danish Gambling Authority to perform a closer examination of the conditions and possibly ask the gambling operator to change its practice if the Danish Gambling Authority finds it necessary. 
If the Danish Gambling Authority proceeds with the enquiry, the Danish Gambling Authority is not at liberty to keep you informed of the process, as the Danish Gambling Authority cannot comment on specific cases. 
The Danish Gambling Authority cannot settle disputes between you and a gambling operator. 

The Consumer Ombudsman

Among other things, the Consumer Ombudsman supervises business owners' compliance with the Danish Marketing Practices Act and other consumer protective regulations. 

If you wish to complain about a gambling operator’s marketing, you can file a complaint to the Consumer Ombudsman.

File a complaint to the Consumer Ombudsman

Center for Klageløsning (the Danish Dispute Resolution Centre) and Forbrugerklagenævnet (the Danish Consumer Complaints Board)

You can complain to the Danish Dispute Resolution Centre and the Danish Consumer Complaints Board if you wish to complain over a game provided by a gambling operator. The requirements for a complaint must be met in order for you to file a complaint.

Read more about the requirements

The Danish Dispute Resolution Centre is the first step in the Danish consumer complaint system, where legal officers will help you find a sensible solution between you and the gambling operator through mediation. If you do not find a solution, you can file a complaint to the Danish Consumer Complaints Board. Thus, you cannot complain to the Danish Consumer Complaints Board before you have tried to find a solution at the Danish Dispute Resolution Centre.  The Danish Consumer Complaints Board is a body similar to the courts, who settles a judicial settlement in the case between you and the gambling operator.

You can file a complaint to the courts

If you disagree with the gambling operator’s settlement of your complaint, you can refer the case to the courts. In this respect, the rules of a judicial review apply. 

For more information about conduct of a case at court, we refer you to the website

Read more about conduct of a case at court on

Gambling operators without a licence from the Danish Gambling Authority

To legally provide gambling in the Danish market, gambling operators must have a licence. The Danish Gambling Authority issues licences to gambling operators under the Danish Act on Gambling. 

See a list of online licence holders

If you wish to file a complaint against a gambling operator without a licence from the Danish Gambling Authority, you must contact the gambling regulator of the country in which the licence has been issued. 
The Danish Gambling Authority is happy to receive information about gambling operators that do not have a licence from the Danish Gambling Authority if the gambling operator targets the Danish market with its supply of gambling products.

Contact the Danish Gambling Authority

Rules and regulations 

Consolidation Act No. 1303
Af 04 Sep 2020

The Danish Act on Gambling

Only available in Danish

Executive Order no. 65
Af 25 Jan 2012

On land-based betting


Executive Order no. 66
Af 25 Jan 2012

On online betting

Executive Order no. 773
Af 09 Jun 2017

On online casino

Only available in Danish


If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the Danish Gambling Authority.