Stopmatchfixing - Report suspicion or knowledge of match-fixing

Stopmatchfixing can be used by anyone who wants to report suspicion or knowledge of match-fixing.

Who can make a report?

Anyone who suspects or has knowledge of match-fixing can report it to the Danish Gambling Authority via the form at the bottom of the page.

Report suspected match-fixing here

Any help is beneficial in preventing and investigating possible match-fixing.

You can report anonymously

You can choose to report your suspicion or knowledge anonymously to the Danish Gambling Authority. The Danish Gambling Authority cannot see your identity information unless you choose to provide it in the report. 

This also means that if we need to contact you, you must provide contact information. This could be a phone number or email address. The Danish Gambling Authority will then have the opportunity to contact you for any further information.

The Danish Gambling Authority cannot contact an anonymous reporter in case of a need for further questions. It is therefore important that when reporting anonymously, you describe and document your suspicion or knowledge as thoroughly as possible without revealing yourself.
You are welcome to attach documents.

The Danish Gambling Authority is obliged to inform the reported

When the Danish Gambling Authority receives a report, we are generally obliged to contact the reported person and inform them about the matter.

The reporter has the right to know what the report is about and who sent the report. If you choose to report anonymously, the reporter will only be told what the report is about.

The Danish Gambling Authority may, based on an assessment, refrain from informing the reported person about the report, e.g., if it is deemed to be detrimental to the further investigation of the circumstances.

Our processing of your personal data

All reports via the Danish Gambling Authority's reporting channel are treated confidentially. At the Danish Gambling Authority, we are responsible for the processing of the personal data we receive.

The Danish Gambling Authority stores personal data for as long as it is necessary to process the individual enquiry. For more information about data protection rights and the Danish Gambling Authority's processing of personal data, please see The Danish Gambling Authority's privacy policy.

What can you report?

You can report any suspicion or knowledge of match-fixing.

Match-fixing is when the outcome or part of a sporting event is deliberately influenced unfairly in order to gain a sporting or financial advantage.

The report can be about any matter that you believe may have influenced the outcome of or part of a sporting event. 

Examples of reportable conditions can be:

  • A suspicion that a situation or event has not been conducted in a sporting manner.
  • Knowledge of an athlete who has placed a bet on a sporting event that the athlete has been able to influence the outcome of.
  • Knowledge of payments or bank transfers from an athlete to another person who has been able to place bets on behalf of the athlete. 
  • Knowledge of people who have a suspicious gambling pattern. 
  • Knowledge that the change of an odds develops against expectation. 
  • Knowledge of bribing or threatening a person to influence a sporting event in a certain direction.

Your report may lead to a case being forwarded to the police for investigation of fraud, bribery or a violation of the match-fixing provision of the Act on the Promotion of Integrity in Sports. 
Your report may also lead to the Danish Gambling Authority initiating a supervisory case against a licence holder if it is assessed that the report contains circumstances that may indicate a violation of the gambling legislation.

The Danish Gambling Authority also has the option to share information for the investigation of violations of sports law regulations as well as with national platforms for combating match-fixing in other countries. 
If your enquiry does not concern the disclosure of information about match-fixing, you are welcome to send your enquiry to

For written reports via the Danish Gambling Authority's reporting channel, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. The report is received and assessed by the Danish Gambling Authority's match-fixing unit, which makes an initial assessment of whether there is a basis for actual case processing of the matter.

Using the form below, you can send an anonymous enquiry regarding a suspicion or knowledge of a violation or potential violation of match-fixing rules, the criminal law or the gambling legislation. It is recommended that you send a detailed description, and you are also welcome to attach documents.


Ved hjælp af nedenstående formular kan du sende en anonym henvendelse vedrørende en mistanke eller viden om en overtrædelse eller potentielle overtrædelse af matchfixingregler, straffeloven eller spillelovgivningen. Det anbefales, at du sender en uddybende beskrivelse, og du må ligeledes gerne vedhæfte dokumenter.
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