Whistleblower scheme

On this page, you will find information on the whistleblower scheme in the Danish Gambling Authority. You can use the whistleblower scheme to call attention to illegal or criticizable matters in the Danish Gambling Authority. 

If you have a suspicion about tax fraud, moonlighting or illegal labour, you must contact the Danish Tax Agency, because these matters cannot be processed in the whistleblower scheme. If you want to report gambling operators’ potential breaches of the Anti-Money Laundering Act, you must use the external whistleblower scheme about money laundering.  

Who can report to the scheme?

The following persons can make a report to the Danish Gambling Authority’s whistleblower scheme:

  • Employees at the Danish Gambling Authority. This covers both fulltime and parttime employees, employees with fixed-term employment contracts and temporary workers. It also covers voluntary workers and paid and unpaid trainees. 
  • Former employees at the Danish Gambling Authority, who report information which they have obtained during the employment. 
  • Persons who have not yet  started working with the Danish Gambling Authority, but who report information obtained in connection with the employment process or other negotiations prior to the employment.
  • Business partners with whom the Danish Gambling Authority cooperate on a regular basis or in a formalised manner. For example, persons who work under supervision and management of contracting parties, subcontractors, and suppliers. 

Persons who are not covered by the above group of people cannot report to the whistleblower scheme. Reports from persons outside this group of people will in principle be declined. 

If your report concerns matters in the Tax Administration (The Danish Tax Agency, the Danish Customs Agency, the Danish Motor Vehicle Agency, the Danish Debt Collection Agency, the Danish Property Assessment Agency, the IT and Development Agency or the Administration and Services Agency), the Tax Appeals Agency,  or the Department of the Ministry of Taxation you must contact the whistleblower scheme in the relevant authority.

Diagram of the Ministry of Taxation

Which matters can you report about?

You can report the following via the whistleblower scheme:

  • Breaches of the European Union law covered by the Whistleblower Directive, for example including the protection of privacy and network and information system security. 
  • Serious breaches of the law, for example sexual harassment, bribery, forgery, breaches of the duty of confidentiality, or statutory obligations to act.
  • Other serious matters, for example including gross or repeated breaches of internal guidelines. 

Before you send a report to the whistleblower scheme, we recommend that you read the Guide for whistleblowers (only available in Danish), where you can read more about the matters that you can report via the scheme. 

You should always know about or have a reason to suspect that such serious matters have been committed in the Danish Gambling Authority before you use the whistleblower scheme. 

Please note that the whistleblower scheme in the Danish Gambling Authority also can be used of you have information about serious mistakes in or serious irregularities connected to the IT-operations and the IT-developments of the Customs and Tax Administration’s IT area. The independent IT Supervisor on the Ministry of Taxation’s area. The IT Supervisor assesses whether the enquiry gives rise to further processing of the case. 

You can also the use external whistleblower scheme in the Danish Data Protection Agency 

You can also send a report via the Danish Data Protection Agency’s external whistleblower scheme instead of the Danish Gambling Authority’s scheme. You can read more about external whistleblower schemes in the Ministry of Justice’s Guide on whistleblower schemes in public workplaces

In accordance with the Whistleblower Act (only available in Danish), the Ministry of Taxation must recommend that reports concerning the Danish Gambling Authority are sent to the Authority’s own scheme if the matter reported can be processed effectively internally, and if the whistleblower assesses that there are no risks of reprisals. 

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The Danish Ministry of Taxation's whistleblower policy

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Guide for whistleblowers

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Guide for whistleblower schemes at public workplaces

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The Whistleblower Act (only available in Danish) does not limit the rules in force about the freedom of speech of public employees. This means that a person in principle has the right to speak freely as a private individual regardless of whether they are public or corporate employees. 

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