Certification programme for online bingo

20, Dec 2017

Due to the liberalisation of online bingo from January 1st 2018 the Danish Gambling Authority (DGA) is currently working on an update to our certification programme. An updated version is published later this week. We know that a number of interested parties are awaiting the updated requirements, so these will be specified here.

The requirements in the certification programme will reflect the requirements in the executive order. Here are the most significant:

  • Only online bingo with 75, 80 or 90 numbers/symbols is allowed
  • Bingo cards for games with 75 numbers/symbols must have 5 times 5 squares
  • Bingo cards for games with 80 numbers/symbols must have 4 times 4 squares
  • Bingo cards for games with 90 numbers/symbols must have 3 times 9 squares
  • The sale of bingo cards cannot start until 30 minutes before the game starts
  • There must be at least 3 seconds between the draw/presentation of each number/symbol
  • The player cannot select numbers/symbols for the bingo card themselves or make changes to their bingo cards. The players are however allowed to select bingo cards between a number of bingo cards randomly generated by the gambling system
  • Both manual and automatic marking of drawn numbers/symbols must be possible
  • The game must end when the first player has a full bingo card 

The specification above is with reservation for the content in the final executive order, which will come into force on January 1st 2018. 
The DGA is aware of and appreciate the fact that it will be very difficult to have games tested and inspected before the end of the year. We must however point out that whether or not a bingo game is tested, it must comply with requirements in the coming executive order.