Use of MitID in connection with customer due diligence

22, May 2023

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) has published a guidance on the application of MitID as control measure when performing customer due diligence. 

The Danish Gambling Authority aligns with the FSA’s assessment and guidance. On that basis, MitID can be used as a standalone control measure for customers posing a low or medium risk for money laundering and/or terrorism financing, pursuant to section 11(1), no. 2 of the Danish AML act. This equally applies to non-face-to-face (remote) customers, which have been assessed as not posing an elevated risk and thereby not subject to enhanced customer due diligence pursuant to section 17.

The Danish Gambling Authority notes nevertheless, that if a suspicion of money laundering or terrorism financing arises in relation to a customer relationship, or if the gambling operator has doubts about previously obtained information is correct, additional customer due diligence procedures must be applied, cf. section 10(1), no. 4 and 5.

Read the guidance on the Danish FSA's website