Certification of online and land-based casino

22, Dec 2017

December 20th 2017 The Danish Gambling Authority announced news regarding update of the certification programme for online casino because of the liberalization of online bingo January 1st 2018. The certification programme is now updated and is accessible under each gambling category.

Certification requirements regarding online casino are incorporated in the certification programme for online casino because online bingo is regulated in the executive order on online bingo and thereby also in the licences for online bingo.
As mentioned in the newsletter published 20th December 2017, the Danish Gambling Authority understand and appreciate that it is difficult to have the gambling system testet and inspected before the end of the year. However, we must emphasize that regardless of whether bingo games have been tested or not, the gambling system must be compliant with the requirements in the Executive Order.

Land-based casino

Today the Danish Gambling Authority also releases the first version of certification programme for land-based casino. The certification programme contains the same requirements as it was in the now repealed Executive Order No. 1303 of 15 December 2011 on land-based casino. Furthermore the certification programme also contains requirements regarding those jackpots related to the casinos slot machines.
The Danish Gambling Authority notes that it is only the general requirements as well as test and inspection standards that applies to land-based casino. The same information appear on the site where the certification programme is accessible “Legislation” -> “Certification”.

Additional changes

Changes has also been made to test and inspection standards across all gambling categories. Many of the changes are consequential changes due to liberalization of online bingo and betting on horse racing, but also because of changes made in Anti Money Laundering Act earlier this year. The certification programme contained requirements that had legal basis in the Danish Gambling Act, but since these requirements are no longer to be found in the Gambling Act, the requirement are now repealed. The now repealed requirements was regarding politically exposed persons and requirements that the gambling system should notify license holders when there were transactions that may suspect money laundering or terrorist financing.
The Danish Gambling Authority must emphasize that licence holder are still obligated to meet these requirements as they are now found in the Anti Money Laundering Act.
Some places requirements or guidance text have been clarified, but no other requirements have been repealed other tha those due to changes in Anti Money Laundering Act.

Standard Reports

The Danish Gambling Authority will release updated standard reports as soon as possible.