Newsletter 53

05 Apr 2022

The Danish Gambling Authority have updated two guides on the duty of disclosure when advertising gambling and sales promotion, respectively. 

Update of guide on duty of disclose when marketing and advertising gambling 

The “Guide on duty of disclosure of marketing and advertising of gambling” is updated with particular focus on marketing of land-based betting and gaming machines in gambling arcades and restaurants, cafes and bars. The update also includes a new section in the presentation of the chance of winning concerning gaming machines. 

In connection with the update of the guide, the Danish Gambling Authority emphasises that licence holders are always responsible for ensuring that their marketing material complies with current legislation and practice. This means that the Danish Gambling Authority considers it a breach of the legislation if marketing material does not comply with the duty of disclosure or other obligations.

Update of the guide on sales promotion 

The update includes additions to the definition and description of types of sales promotions with new sections on: 

  • Extra chances of winning
  • Tournaments/ ranking lists
  • Draws and similar 

In addition, the update changes the practice for calculating the value of the sales promotion in connection with draws. In the future, what matters is how many consumers the gambling operator assesses will participate in the draw.  

The update is made based on the Danish Gambling Authority’s assessments in our ongoing inspections of marketing of gambling services provided in Denmark. 

The Danish Gambling Authority encourage licence holders to regularly assess the compliance with the Danish legislation in connection with marketing and sales promotion.