Newsletter 50

26 Mar 2021

Simpler application process for renewal of licences for online casino and/or betting 

Several licence holders’ licences expire by the end of 2021. 

Considering this, the Danish Gambling Authority have simplified the application process so that both the application for a new licence as well as the renewal of a licence for online casino and/or betting are gathered in one application form. 
The new application form will be organised in a part one and a part two. In the new form it is required, among other things, that you state the real beneficial owners and submit several financial documents. 


All material for an application must be sent at the same time. 

You must send your application to the Danish Gambling Authority no later than the 1st of September 2021 to ensure that we have time to process the application in time for the licence to be issued and take effect on the 31st of December 2021. However, the Danish Gambling Authority recommend that you send your application earlier as licences are issued on an ongoing basis. The Danish Gambling Authority strive to process all applications on time to avoid that applicants must stop their provision of gambling until a new licence takes effect. The Danish Gambling Authority recommends that licence holders’ whose licenses expire by the end of 2021 plan their application for a renewal of the licence to ensure that all material is submitted early.  

Timeliness requirement for certificate of criminal record and certificate of indebtedness 

For the use of the processing of both a new application and a renewal of an existing licence, documents in relation to the Annex A form, such as certificates of criminal record and indebtedness for a person’s current country of residence, cannot be more than 6 months old from the time of application. 

The Danish Gambling Authority assesses that, as a rule, it is not possible to make a professional assessment based on the Gambling Act, if the documents are more than six months old. 

For previous countries of residence of the applicant, it is sufficient with a certificate of indebtedness or a certificate of criminal record for a time during the period of residence in the country in question. In case, extensive periods in previous countries of residence are not covered by the certificates, additional certificates may be gathered if deemed necessary. 

Signature requirement

The application forms must be signed manually or by use of electronic signatures.