Press release: opening for issuance of licences to land-based casinos

02, Jul 2018

The Danish Gambling Authority opens for issuance of licences to land-based casinos.

According to the Danish Act on Gambling, an unspecified number of licences may be issued to land-based casinos and casinos at Danish ferries. 

Anyone interested are encouraged to submit an application to the Danish Gambling Authority. The Danish Gambling Authority must receive the application before by 2 October 2018.
If the submitted application is insufficient, the applicant will be asked to submit the missing information within three months. If the applicant does not meet the deadline, the application will not be considered. All applications received will be sent to the local municipality, the local police commissioner, the Ministry of Taxation and the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth to be evaluated. 

Applications may be submitted as encrypted mail via the contact form on the Danish Gambling Authority’s website or by email to:

If the application includes personal information, please send the application by mail to:

Att: Mia Rasmussen 
Englandsgade 25, 6. Sal
5000 Odense C

Please contact Mia Rasmussen tel. 72 38 91 26 or email: if you have any questions regarding the above. 

Licence to land-based casino 

According to the Danish Act on Gambling section 14(1) the Danish Gambling Authority may can notify of licence to establish and run land-based casinos. The licence is valid for up to 10 years at a time cf. section 14(2). Today, seven licences for land-based casinos have been issued. The casinos are located in Copenhagen, Helsingør, Odense, Vejle, Aarhus, Aalborg, and aboard the Olso ferry DFDS Pearl Seaways. 
When determining if a licence can be issued, it must be assessed if the applicant is presumed to be able to operate the land-based casino in a responsible way. 


When assessing the submitted applications, the Danish Gambling Authority will especially take into account the following:

  • Professional responsibility , including if the applicant has experience with providing gambling or in any other way is qualified to run a land-based casino
  • Financial responsibility, including if the applicant has the needed liquidity, as there are substantial expenses related to running a land-based casino
  • Requirements to persons 
  • Requirements to the company  and members of the company’s direction and board
  • Geographical considerations
  • Customer base 
  • Detailed project for the casino 
  • Size and location 

The following information must therefore appear from the application 

  • Name and address of the applicant 
  • Names and addresses of directors and board members
  • Contact information of the representative if the applicant is established outside the EU or the EEA
  • Documentation for the establishment of the company
  • Ownership, including an overview of the structure of the company and the group structure 
  • A description of the procurement of capital and documentation hereof
  • The company’s latest annual accounts 
  • The applicant’s content to letting the Danish Gambling Authority gather information, including criminal records, debts, etc. 
  • Every direction and board member’s consent to letting the Danish Gambling Authority gather information
  • The address of the casino and conditions of the premises
  • General plans for the arrangement and equipment of the casino including types of games and number of tables and machines
  • The number of expected employees, including information about their educational background 
  • Information about any associated company (restaurant, bar, other entertainment etc.)
  • Information about experience with the supply of gambling knowledge of how to run a casino, any licences to gambling, access to know-how, cooperation etc. 
  • Financial prerequisites, including annual reports and accounts including equity, profit, credit facilities. Additionally,  an expenditure budget, a budget of the costs of construction, and an investment budget for the casino as well as a description of the customer base