Information to organisers of charity lotteries: Dispensation to put sales period on hold or to extend the sales period

20, Mar 2020

In light of the challenges posed by the current covid-19 situation, it is possible for organisers of charity lotteries with a licence from the Danish Gambling Authority to apply for approval to put the sales period on hold and to request that the sales period be extended for a maximum period of six months.

If you, the organiser, deem it necessary to put the sales period on hold due to the current covid-19 situation, you can request permission from the Danish Gambling Authority. 

You may request to put the sales period on hold for up to 3 weeks (21 days). 
The Danish Gambling Authority make a specific assessment of the individual request. 

If you would like to request that your sales period be put on hold, please do the following: 

  • Send your written request for a suspension of the sales period to the Danish Gambling Authority via our contact form: Select ”Lotteries”. 
  • Please state the file number of the lottery or attach the licence from the Danish Gambling Authority. 
  • Please state the period in which the sales are requested to be suspended by entering the start date and the end date of the suspension period. 

Before the sales period is resumed, the Danish Gambling Authority must be informed. 

In the event that the sales period is suspended, the original sales period may be extended by the number of days (maximum 21 days) with which the sales period has been put on hold.  

Please note: It is not possible to obtain a longer sales period than approved in the licence. The sales period will be put on hold and resumed at a later date with a later end date. The period during which the sale is suspended is deducted from the total sales period. 

If the organiser, upon the end of the suspension period, assesses that the sales period must be postponed again, the Danish Gambling Authority must receive a new request for a renewed suspension period. 

If the sales period of the lottery is less than six months, the organiser may request the Danish Gambling Authority that the sales period be extended. The total active sales period including the extended period cannot exceed six months cf. section 2(2) of the Executive Order on charity lotteries.

In case the sales period is suspended and/or is extended, the organiser is advised to clearly inform the lottery participants. When the sales period resumes, this should also be clearly stated.

The Danish Gambling Authority appreciate the challenges that organisers of charity lotteries face under the exceptional circumstances. Thus, we will strive to find practical solutions to the challenges that may arise.  

The Danish Gambling Authority are of course available to answer any questions that may arise. We will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible. 

Take good care of yourself and each other.