The Danish Gambling Authority’s annual report 2018: Focus on responsible gambling

11, Apr 2019

The Danish Gambling Authority has now published its annual report for 2018. The annual report describes the activities that the Gambling Authority supervises and the focus areas that have been special for last year.

Responsible gambling was a topic of great importance in 2018.

As a result of a political agreement on new measures to combat compulsive gambling and adjustments to the previous agreement, the Danish Gambling Authority worked on setting up an independent helpline concerning compulsive gambling. The helpline was a high priority in 2018, and on 2 January 2019, the phone lines for “StopSpillet” were officially opened.

Blocking of illegal websites

The annual report also describes how the court decided in favour of the Danish Gambling Authority to get 24 unlicensed websites offering gambling to Danes blocked. 18 of these website were traditional casino game sites, while the six others were skinbetting websites. Skinbetting covers the phenomenon that "skins" from computer games are used on a third party's website as deposits in traditional forms of gambling, such as roulette. No operators have a license to offer skinbetting in Denmark.

The Danish Gambling Authority will continue to work on finding and blocking illegal skinbetting websites in 2019. On March 25 this year, the Copenhagen City Court decided in favour of the Danish Gambling Authority in another case of blocking 25 websites that offer illegal gaming in Denmark.

The annual report also contains a comprehensive section of statistics, where 2018 figures from the gaming market are presented and analysed, along with articles about the Danish Gambling Authority's work on marketing, anti-money laundering, match-fixing and international cooperation.

The annual report is available both in a Danish and English version, which can
be downloaded here on the website.