Newsletter 9

09 Mar 2012

Approval of login solutions for example for mobile phones

This newsletter of 9 March 2012 concerns the approval of login solutions for example for mobile phones.

Licence holders who wish to provide online betting and online casino without the use of digital signature need to get an approval from the Danish Gambling Authority.

The Danish Gambling Authority can approve login without the use of digital signature if:

  • it is not technically possible to use the digital signature on the platform where the game is played, for instance via mobile phones.
  • login is from a player in Greenland.

How do we get an approval?

You must send a description of how you will assure a safe login solution with an illustration of how the login procedure is designed. This information should be sent to your contact person with the Danish Gambling Authority.

If the Danish Gambling Authority considers that the login procedure is sufficient you will receive an approval and will then be able to provide online gambling.

For how long time is login without digital signature allowed?

It is currently not possible to use NemID on mobile phones. This is not expected to be available until the end of 2012. After this time login must also be with NemID on mobile phones.

NemID is not used in Greenland to the same extent as in Denmark. We do not yet know when NemID will be fully implemented in Greenland.

You must be especially aware of the following:

If you allow players to register via mobile devices they should only be able to create temporary accounts.

If NemID (the PID feature) is a part of your verification process of the player's identity, the player needs to login to the website twice. The first login will be a part of the identification process, the second login is needed because the first login must be from a platform where the signature can be used.

For the provision of gambling in Greenland a kind of additional documentation of the player's identity must be obtained, if you normally use NemID as identification.

Players must always be checked in ROFUS before they are given access to gambling.