Ban on advertising gambling without a licence

29, May 2012

This information concerns whether it is legal to advertise gambling and gambling operators without a licence from the Danish Gambling Authority to provide gambling activities in Denmark.

One of the most important tasks for the Danish Gambling Authority is to efficiently protect the legal gambling market in relation to the partial liberalisation which came into force 1 January 2012.
The ban on advertising is one of the protection measures within the Gambling Act. The Danish Gambling Authority will therefore focus on advertising gambling and gambling operators without a licence.


The ban on advertising gambling and gambling operators without a licence to provide gambling can be found in the Gambling Act. The rule is a rewording from the Act on certain Games, Lotteries and Betting.
Advertising gambling and gambling operators without a licence is punishable with a fine.


Advertising concerns any kind of advertising or other transmission of information about the activity of the gambling operator, including the webpage, address etc. of the gambling operator and any gambling activities provided by the gambling operator.
The ban on advertising applies to all types of media no matter whether it is in written media, digital media or a transient media e.g. television.
Sponsorships from gambling operators without a licence are also covered by the ban on advertising. Sponsorships are typically an economic contribution to an activity, an arrangement with the aim to promote the marketing of the products of the gambling operator. Gambling operators who offer sponsorships to sport organisations, treatment centres and others would often expect a quid pro quo e.g. advertising or positive publicity. Gambling operators without a licence often use the name of the recipient of the sponsorship in his own marketing.
You can read more about advertising gambling under Illegal games and advertisments.

Gambling operators with a licence

In the list of licence holders information can be found concerning who holds a licence to provide betting and online casino. The list also contains information about the domain names which have obtained a licence.
You will also find a list of licence holders to gaming machines and poker tournaments.
The following Danish companies also have a licence to organise gambling activities: Danske Spil, Det Danske Klasselotteri, Landbrugslotteriet and Varelotteriet. Furthermore, the Danish Gambling Authority issues licences to charity lotteries and local pool betting.