New report on illegal gambling

24, Feb 2022

The Danish Gambling Authority has published an annual report describing the authority's work with illegal gambling. In 2021, The Danish Gambling Authority measured traffic on websites in order to examine the market for skin betting. 

The report particularly reviews the work with illegal online gambling, but also illegal lotteries in pubs and in gaming halls and kiosks are mentioned.

New methods for measuring skin betting websites
In 2021, the Danish Gambling Authority introduced new methods to try to uncover the market for skin betting in Denmark. A measurement of website traffic in 2020 on gambling websites without a licence in Denmark gives an indication of the prevalence of skin betting on the Danish gaming market. (Skin betting is when the player uses virtual elements from video games as stakes on gambling sites - more information on the website)

Among other things, the survey showed that almost half of the visits in 2020 were on skin betting websites, despite the fact that in 2020 these pages only accounted for 6 per cent of all domains with Danish visits.

The full report can be downloaded here:

Report on illegal gambling 2021

This report describes the Danish Gambling Authority’s work with illegal gambling in 2021.