Court decides in favour of The Danish Gambling Authority: 24 illegal websites to be closed

06, Feb 2018

The court of Frederiksberg has now made a decision in the court case where The Danish Gambling Authority asked the telecommunications companies to block 24 websites, which illegally offers gambling in Denmark. The court decides in favour of the Danish Gambling Authority, and the telecommunications companies must immediately block the pages.

Read the court's decision on the The Danish Gambling Authority’s website. (Only in Danish)

“We are of course very pleased with the court decision", says Birgitte Sand, CEO at The Danish Gambling Authority. “Once again, we have lived up to the commitment we have to ensure Danish players against illegal gambling.”

In September 2017, The Danish Gambling Authority requested telecommunications companies to block access to the 24 websites, as they all relate to a Danish audience, but do not have a licence to offer gambling in Denmark. The 24 websites are distributed on both casino and betting sites. Six of the pages are skin betting pages, which in particular have the attention of the Danish Gambling Authority, since they typically target players under the age of 18.

“We are aware that there are several pages that offer skin betting, but have made a cautious first approach in this area as we needed to test the cases in court”, says Birgitte Sand. 

The Danish Gambling Authority continually monitors gambling websites to make sure that they have a licence. This is done partly through an electronic search system where qualified employees review the offer and process reviews of potentially illegal sites. The Danish Gambling Authority also receives reviews from citizens and providers.

As the telecommunications companies did not block access to the websites, The Danish Gambling Authority took legal action. The court case was on January 23, 2018.

“When The Danish Gambling Authority finds websites which offer illegal gambling, it is looked upon with much seriousness,” says Birgitte Sand. “We largely use our authority to block the pages to protect the players, but of course also to protect the licensees who have a licence to provide gambling in Denmark. And skin betting has our utmost attention, because it largely appeals to a younger and vulnerable target group, which we have a special duty to take care of.

Therefore, if we find illegal websites that do not close when they receive a petition, we will once again take legal action. It is one of our most important tasks to secure a fair and safe gambling market in Denmark", concludes Birgitte Sand.
About the Danish Gambling Authority
The Danish Gambling Authority is an independent government agency residing under the Danish Ministry of Taxation.The Danish Gambling Authority is
responsible for securing a proper and regulated gambling market in Denmark so that players are protected against unfair and illegal gambling.
The last time the Danish Gambling Authority got the court's decision to close illegal websites was in 2014, where five websites were blocked.

he Danish Gambling Authority publishes a report on illegal gaming in Denmark once a year. 

The following websites are blocked:

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