Agreement on new initiatives against compulsive gambling politically enacted

29, Jun 2018

Press release from the Ministry of Taxation 

New agreement to reduce compulsive gambling among Danes 

Fewer Danes must develop an addiction to gambling. That is the main purpose of a new and broad political agreement that among other things include a new compulsive gambling helpline for gamblers who need help to tackle their problem gambling. In addition, gambling providers’ advertising and bonus offers are now subject to regulations. 

A broad majority in the Danish parliament consisting of the government, Socialdemokratiet, Dansk Folkeparti, Det Radikale Venstre, and Socialistisk Folkeparti have agreed to several new initiatives that help reduce compulsive gambling in Denmark. 

The initiatives a part of an adjustment of the gambling agreement from January 2017 that further liberalised the gambling market. 

“The liberalisation of the gambling market has been a success that has meant that we have achieved control of an unregulated market, while Danes can freely and safely can choose between different gambling options. Simultaneously, we must do what we can to prevent that gamblers develop an addiction to gambling. Thus, I am content with the broad political agreement, which purpose it is to protect Danish gamblers as well as possible” Karsten Lauritzen says. 

Concretely, the agreement means that an independent helpline is established for those who seek help regarding compulsive gambling. 

At the same time, the contracting parties agree on several requirements to the gambling providers’ advertising in the media, as well as creating more transparency in the operators’ many different bonus offers to both new and existing customers. 

The contracting parties also agreed that gamblers who are on a break from gambling are not tempted to gamble again. This, it must be ensured that providers do not use e.g. a gambler’s inactivity on the gambling site as a criteria when distributing bonus offers. 

In addition, it must be ensured that persons who exclude themselves from gambling do not receive gambling advertising and other marketing material. 

The initiatives must, along with the existing offers, for instance registration in the existing register of self-excluded persons (ROFUS) at the Danish Gambling Authority, help reduce compulsive gambling in Denmark. 

The agreement in its entirety is available on the Ministry of Taxation’s website.