Press release: Gambling regulators from all over the world meet in Copenhagen

16, Sep 2018

“Let us make great regulations together”. This is the headline for an international conference with over 200 participants, which takes place in Copenhagen from 17 to 20 September.

The organisation IAGR (International Association of Gambling Regulators), which is a non-profit organisation for gambling regulators, has chosen Denmark as its host country of their annual conference. 

Participants from Australia to Zimbabwe 

The packed conference programme has over 40 speakers and panel participants from the whole world and among the presenters are authorities, scientists, advisers, and representatives from the gambling industry. The general theme of the conference “Let us make great regulations – together” is the main theme for all the presentations, which deals with anything from international statistics in the gambling area, new types of gambling, marketing and bonuses, responsible gambling, to sanctions against illegal gambling. 

-We come from all over the world, from Australia to Zimbabwe and of course, legislation and execution of authority vary across countries. However, it is very valuable to exchange experiences and knowledge and the conference is an excellent platform for that purpose as well as for expanding valuable networks, says Birgitte Sand, who is also a moderator and presenter at the conference. 

The conference takes place at the Hotel Scandic Copenhagen from Monday 17 September 12.30 p.m. to Thursday 20 September 4 p.m. 

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