Behandlingsstederne er selvstændige, statsstøttede institutioner, og hører ikke under Spillemyndigheden.

Ludomaniklinikken Mindwork

We offer treatment, couselling, and guidance for both gamblers and relatives. The treatment consists of conversational therapy based on cognitive behavioural therapy. We apply manuals based on evidence, which means that you will go through a treatment programme which is scientifically examined and tested and found especially effective. The programme that Ludomaniklinikken Mindwork applies is developed by Forskningsklinikken for Ludomani. The programme is tested in several studies and it is found that the programme affects up to 88 % of the participants who complete the programme. The treatment starts with a 12 week course, where you will receive treatment at the clinic about once a week. Subsequently, the programme is succeeded by follow up treatments after 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. The treatment is primarily individual, however, you may also have the opportunity to receive group treatment. All types of treatment are managed by psychologists who are specially trained in treating compulsive gambling and who continuously undergo further training and are supervised. 


Vesterbrogade 31, 1. sal
1620 København V