Welcome to The Danish Gambling Authority's new website

11, Dec 2018

The new website guides users through relevant processes and information.

User-categorised menu 

The new website especially differs from the former by addressing itself to individual types of users. 
Concretely, this means that it is possible to choose among “for businesses”, “for the public”, or “press” in the main menu. Under each menu, all necessary information can be found. This makes it easier for users to get an overview from their point of view. 
If you wish to apply for a gambling licence, you are guided through the process from beginning to end. In this way, you only have to visit one page. The hope is that users experience a simpler process. 
If a user seeks information about gambling providers, treatment, or discovers illegal gambling, all the necessary information can be found under the menu: “for the public”. 

Strong search function 

As part of the strategy of creating a user-friendly site, the Danish Gambling Authority’s new website makes it easy to find what you are looking for. 
With its strong search function, the website provides the user with a quick overview of its content. A list of contents makes it possible to navigate the different categories. If e.g. the category “law” is chosen, all legislation in the gambling area appears. 
Moreover, the website offers an overview of all the Danish Gambling Authority’s publications and other relevant publications about the gambling market. 

Visually, the website has been updated to appear more modern and intuitive.