The Danish Gambling Authority publishes a study on Danes' online gambling

16, Jan 2024

The Danish Gambling Authority has published the study "Online gambling in Denmark". The study, carried out by the Danish Gambling Authority in collaboration with Statistics Denmark, has a particular focus on Danes' gambling on websites without a Danish gambling license.


The study shows, among other things, that 21.7 per cent of Danes aged 15 and over have gambled online within the past year. This corresponds to approx. 1.1 million Danes. Although the age limit in Denmark for gambling online is 18, 15 per cent of 15–17-year-olds gambled online in the past year. This corresponds to approx. 32,000 young people.

Most people gamble on licensed sites
The study shows that most gambling takes place on websites with license to offer gambling in Denmark. These are sites which the Danish Gambling Authority supervises and which must follow the Danish legislation in regard to e.g., protection of the players.
Only 3.8 per cent. of the players have within the past year gambled on unlicensed sites. Online casino, betting and skin betting are the most popular types of gambling on these sites.

Higher winnings and better bonuses beckon
More than half of the players who have gambled on unlicensed sites in the past year have done so deliberately. When asked why they have done so, they mention that the sites provide other types og games as well as higher refund and bonuses.

Half of the Danes who have gambled online within the past year have deliberately done so on sites with a Danish license. They mention control and supervision, credibility and seriousness and the Danish language as reasons for choosing these sites.

The survey is based on a questionnaire survey with data collected by Statistics Denmark the Danish Gambling Authority.
The questionnaire was sent to a randomly selected sample of 30,070 Danes aged 15 and over.
7,637 answers were collected online in the period from 24 November 2022 to 15 January 2023.

The answers are weighted based on various background information about the respondents, which ensures that the results are representative of the Danish population.


The entire study and appendix may be downloaded on the DGA's website:

Online gambling in Denmark

Survey of Danes' gambling habits on websites with and without a gambling licence

Appendix to Online gambling in Denmark