Order to gambling operator Winteq ApS concerning amendment of their anti-money laundering risk assessment and procedures

12, May 2020

The Danish Gambling Authority has assessed that Winteq ApS has neglected to update their anti-money laundering and counter terror financing risk assessment based on their business model, which includes an identification, assessment and analysis of risk factors. 

The Danish Gambling Authority has also assessed that Winteq ApS must adjust their procedures, so that they reflect the risk assessment.

A risk assessment and procedures can only be perceived as adequate if they identify all areas of the company’s business model and cover the identified risks. Additionally, it is a requirement that the assessment is supported by relevant data and that the supranational as well as the national risk assessment are consulted when assessing. The inclusion of other assessments and materials may also be relevant.

Due to the above mentioned, the Danish Gambling Authority has on 11 May 2020 ordered Winteq ApS to produce a risk assessment that fulfills the requirements of section 7(1) and adjust their procedures accordingly, cf. section 8 (1) of The Anti-Money Laundering Act. 

The Danish Gambling Authority's order is pursuant to section 66 of the Anti-Money Laundering Act.

Notice of the order is published in accordance with section 68(1) of the Anti-Money Laundering Act.