Statistics for the gambling market Q4 2016


Betting and online casino


In Q4 2016 GGR for betting was almost unchanged year-on-year. This follows Q3 which was the first Quarter since the liberalization, in which GGR fell year-on-year. So while annual GGR for betting for for is up by 9 per cent compared to 2015, the market is really unchanged since the second half of 2015. The increase for the year is due to the fact that the increase in the first half of 2015 is only visible in annual figures now.

In Q4 2016 the GGR for online betting was 356 M DKK which is equivalent to 64.5 per cent of the betting market. The GGR for land based betting was 185 M DKK in Q4.  As can be seen from the table below, this is exactly the same distribution as in Q3. In general the betting market is very stable. 


In Q4 2016 GGR for online casino, including poker, was up by 18 per cent year on year. It is a high growth rate, though it is lower than the annual growth rate for 2016 at 20 per cent.

Online gambling machines is the most important online casino game and its market share, measured by GGR, has increased from 68 per cent in Q1 and Q2 to 70 per cent in Q3 and further to 72 per cent in Q4. Thus the market for online gaming machines has grown faster than the (also fast growing) online casino market as a whole.

The GGR from online poker (more precisely: multiplayer games with commission) incresed to 36 M DKK in Q4, but this follows Q3 which saw the lowest level of GGR  since liberalization. Both Roulette and Black Jack have seen a small relative decline in market share, down to 5 per cent each. The market share for other online casino games is stable - around 10 per cent.

Tabel 3

Gaming machines

Tabel 4

In January 2016 there were approximately 25,500 gaming machines in gaming halls and restaurants. The GGR reached 369 M DKK in Q4 2016. That is a 5 per cent decline year-on-year, but a slight increase quarter-on-quarter. This small increase is of little mathematical significance. The pattern is the same as in 2015, in that Q2 has the highest GGR, whereafter GGR decreases in Q3 and rises slightly in Q4. Of the total Q4 GGR for gaming machines 77 per cent comes from gaming halls and 23 per cent comes from restaurants.

Land based casinos
There are seven land based casinos - located in Copenhagen, Elsinore, Odense, Vejle, Aarhus, Aalborg and the ferry Pearl Seaway between Copenhagen and Oslo. The GGR for land based casinos were 94 M DKK in Q4 2016. The changes quarter-on-quarter have been small in 2016, but the annual GGR is up by  9 per cent compared to 2015.

Tabel 5

The total gambling market

Tabel 6

The total gambling market is now just below 9 G DKK (measured in GGR) corresponding to just below 2,000 DKK per adult. On increases in this and other tables, it should be noted that the figures are not corrected for inflation, wage increases etc. For the second year in a row, the increase was roughly 100 DKK per adult per year.


The DGA’s Register Of Voluntarily Excluded Gamblers (ROFUS [Acronym in Danish]) is an anonymous list, to which gamblers can enlist – excluding themselves from online gambling. The registration can be for 24 hours, 1-, 3- or 6 months, or permanently (with a continuous opt-out after a year). The figures below are snap shots -  and since data are typically drawn in the beginning of the month, ”January” covers mostly December and so forth. Please note, that the registrations for 24 hours are not included in the figures below.

Tabel 7

As can be seen from the table, the monthly increase has typically been around 1-200 persons (these are the total number of entries, not the number of new entries). The increase of more than 300 from December to January is probably due to the ROFUS (TV) infomercial that has been shown in “OBS” and the TV-2 channels from Boxing Day 2016 to the end of January 2017.

NOTE: The Danish Gambling Authority has changed its rounding of GGR figures from 5 M DKK to 1 M DKK – due to improved methods. Changes can still occur in following quarters – as late payments of duty can occur. Please be advised that all figures from 2015 and onwards have been recalculated and rounded in accordance to the new rule.

More statistical details are available for online casino and betting. This statistics covers;

  • Weekly data for GGR from betting and online casino
  • Size of the betting and online casino license holders
  • Payout ratio for betting and online casino
  • Games with commission (online poker)
  • Data from ROFUS