Statistics for the gambling market Q3 2016

Betting and online casino

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In Q3 the GGR for betting increased 7 per cent compared to the same quarter in 2015. This is the first fall since the liberalization in 2012. The fall comes after three quarters with very strong GGR growth.

In Q3 2016 the GGR for online betting was 335 M DKK which is equivalent to 64.5 per cent of the betting market. The GGR from land based betting was 185 M DKK in Q3. The market share for land based betting is a little higher than ind Q2 but lower than in Q1 2016.


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In Q3 the GGR for online casino incl. poker grew 18 per cent compared to the same quarter in 2015.  This is equal to the growth rate in Q2 2016 and online casino continues the relatively strong growth. 

Gambling machines is the most important online casino game and measured by GGR its market share of the total online casino GGR has increased from 68 per cent in Q1 and Q2 to 70 per cent in Q3 2016. The GGR from online poker fell to 35 M DKK in Q3 which is the weakest level since the liberalization. Both Roulette and Black Jack have a relatively stable market share around 5-6 per cent in the three first quarters of 2016. The market share for other online casino games is around 10 per cent.

Gaming machines
In October 2016 there were approximately 25,500 gaming machines in gaming halls and restaurants.


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Spilleautomaternes samlede BSI var i 3. kvartal 2016 370 mio. kr. Det er 15 mio. kr. svagere end det tilsvarende kvartal i 2015. I 2 kvartal 2016 faldt BSI fra spilleautomater ligeledes med 15 mio. kr. i forhold til samme kvartal året før.

Ud af den samlede BSI, i 3. kvartal, kommer 285 mio. kr. fra spillehaller, mens 85 mio. kr. kommer fra restauranter.

The GGR reached 370 M DKK in Q3 2016. This is a 15 M DKK decline compared to the same quarter 2015. There was an equal fall in the GGR from gambling machines in Q2.

Of the total Q3 GGR 285 M DKK comes from gaming halls and 85 M DKK comes from restaurants.

Land based casinos
There are seven land based casinos located in Copenhagen, Elsinore, Odense, Vejle, Aarhus, Aalborg and the ferry Pearl Seaway between Copenhagen and Oslo.

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Other types of gambling
Data for other gambling types are not available for Q3 2016. The data will be published when they are available.

The total gambling market

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More statistical details are available for online casino and betting. This statistics covers;

  • Weekly data for GGR from betting and online casino
  • Size of the betting and online casino license holders
  • Payout ratio for betting and online casino
  • Games with commission (online poker)
  • Data from ROFUS