Responsibility regarding combat of money laundering

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As a operator, you must take preventive measures against money laundering. 

What is money laundering and terrorist financing?

Money laundering includes that one:

  • Receives or enables others to take part in an economic profit that has been obtained through a punishable offence
  • Hides, stores, transports, helps to dispose of or in any other way helps to secure the economic profit from a punishable offence

Terrorist financing includes that one:

  • Directly or indirectly gives financial support to or provides or gathers funds to or makes financial services available to persons, groups, or organsiations that have committed or have the intention of committing terrorist actions 

The Danish Gambling Authority is responsible for monitoring gambling operators who must help prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. The Danish Money Laundering Secretariat (SØIK) is responsible for receiving, analysinmg, and communicating notification when money laundering or terrorist financing activities are suspected.